Thursday, January 17, 2008

How Does Article Marketing Do In The Internet Business Jungle?

By Juhani Tontti

The article marketing is no doupt the most effective way to advertise our internet home business opportunity.

The reason is simple: when we publish articles they bring both short and long term internet business power and can reach different separate audiences from many niches.

Using article marketing for home internet business promotions together with mass article submission, gives the benefits which are more powerful than any other strategy.

1.What`s The Job Of Submitting Articles?

a. The search engine traffic.

This is maybe, what most of us are after. By writing articles about our internet business opportunity and submitting them to article directories, we can increase the search engine ranking, which ( if successful ) brings the targeted internet marketing traffic residually.

b. The article directory traffic.

Here the formula is simple: the more article directories you use, the more traffic your internet business will get.

What is good news is that article directories are among the most visited websites, because people search for useful information to learn and to copy the submitted articles into their own websites.

c.Backlink Building.

Backlinks are the reason, why search engines will increase our internet business opportunity site higher on the their result pages.

By the article marketing, using mass article submission, we can quickly and easily build a great number of related backlinks.

And the page rank among the first 3 sites on the result page brings good, residual traffic.

The search engines evaluate these 1-way links higher than the 2-way, reciprocal links, because they are based on the barter deal: we agree to place links on both parties` sites.

d.To Bring Traffic From The Linking Sites.

The link on the home internet business site is a kind of a recommendation to visit that site.

If the linking site is related, this traffic is very wellcome.

e. Brand Building.

Article marketing is agreat tool to build the fame or brand. The more you will write and the more people copy these articles, the more your authority grows.

In the long term a strong brand will make the marketing more effective, like with Coca-Cola!

f. It`s A Great Pre-Seller.

Imagine if a totally unknown man comes to you on the street and ask, whether you would like to buy his car ("it`s a splended car"), would you?

I`m sure not, because this man has not done the pre-selling, meaning he has not persuaded you to his side.

The pre-selling is 100 % perfect for article content. We can say that the only target of a good article is to persuade the reader to click the link in the Bio Box.

2.The Dublicate Content Question.

When we submit articles by mass submission, the question of dublicate content is always on the table and whether we get some kind of a penalty from the search engines?

I have never worried about this and I have submitted hundreds of internet business articles to thousands of article directories and websites.

But I will never use the same article twice, i.e. I never publish same articles on my site and by mass article submission.

I also publish articles in the quality article directories, like, because if the keywords ( at least the main one ) is small enough, or realistic, EzineArticles can throw my article to a very high position on the search engines.

For this article submission I use always an original article.

3.Which Ones Are More Effective: Long Tail Keywords Or High Deman Keywords?

I see this issue as a question about the competition: is it easier to climb high on the search engine result page of an extremely high demand keyword or on the several lower demand - keywords` pages.

Or: do I benefit more to be among the top 3 sites on the low-demand keyword result page and get tens of site visitors per day, than to be number 120 on the result page of the high demand keyword, which will bring my site next to nothing.

The the secret is to use realistic keywords, even small ones, but to use the "long tail keyword" - strategy. This way we optimize our article with several keywords at the same time.

That`s all this time, successful optimization!

Juhani Tontti

Can We Increase Link Popularity Without Search Engine Penalties?

Hi all...

Google has taken a tough attitude towards link building.

This sounds a little bit strange, because we have learnt that Google favors web sites, which have lots of backlinks from other high PR authority web sites!

These links have been seen like votes from other sites to our site, the more votes the site has, the more popular it is and the more popular it is, the more useful it has been for the Google customers, the searchers.

But now, the problem from Google point of view are the links, which are artificially built.

These new rules raises a question, how to plan a linking strategy, is swapping for good and is it wise to buy links?

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Juhani Tontti

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

How To Optimize Web Master Affiliate Program For Search Engines And AdSense?

Hi all...

I like SEO very much for two reasons:

1. It needs skills and persistance and
2. It brings a nice residual and targeted traffic day and night.

I run AdSense ads on my several pages and blog and started to think whether there are ways to optimize those sites for both the search engines and for AdSense to make a maximum income.

After read lots of information of the topic, I think I got a good summary how to use top paying keywords for the optimization. ( I think I can already pick the keywords for the search engines ).

As a matter of facts the process is not difficult at all, I just needed a lot more keywords from WordTracker, because some of those were not high priced at AdWords.

But now the system is up and working, so I will follow the situation thoroughly.
First signs are very encouraging...

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Juhani Tontti

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Make Your Internet Marketing Email To Build Trust.

Hi all!

The internet marketing email is always somehow very personal, or at least people wait that it should be.

We don`t like an idea that some autoresponder sends us mails into our inboxes, they are seen like unreliable ads.

This basic feature of internet marketing email makes it a great trust-builder, a real chance to build and keep fruitful connections between two people,

Yes: between two people, not between businesses, because people act, not organizations!

I wrote a short post to my site, because I found out how much un-personal, hard-selling internet marketing emails I receive daily.
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Here is a good source of additional information Email Secrets

Juhani Tontti

Thursday, January 10, 2008

3 Ways How New Algorithms Can Throw Your Internet Home Based Business Ideas To # 1 Place At Google.

Hi all!

Just a question:
did you know that Google and it`s competitors have changed their ranking algorithms?
If not, this information will be very useful to you.

The main target of these big engines is to offer more relevant and useful search results to their searchers.

But how they will do that? Okay, the articles, blogs and web sites, which use the so called LSI = Latent Semantic Indexing - based content will rank higher.

The main idea is that the contents must be "deeper" i.e. to include more related terms than just one main keyword.

This also means that the meaning of the keyword density will decrease, because the more keyphrases there is on the page, the fewer they will be.

But it`s best to read the whole story: # 3 Ways How LSI Keywords Can Throw Your Internet Home Business Ideas To # 1 At Google.

Juhani Tontti

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

8 Tips About How To Make Money With Squidoo For Your Internet Home Business Opportunity

Hi all!

You may have heard the magic word: Squidoo, a new web 2.0 phenomen?

I have had my two own Squidoo lenses ( a sort of my own sites ) for about two weeks and when I looked the stats: it works!

Slowly but steadily the number of visitors goes upwards.

Now it`s a time to ask how to make money with Squidoo, because that`s the most essential question, I don`t chat there but promote my internet home business opportunity.

So I took a bull from the horns, researched how Squidoo works and how to promote it, so that the flow of visitors will be big enough.

Now I want to share my findings with you, so by clicking the link below you will find my new article.

How To Make Money With Squidoo For Your Internet Home Business Opportunity?

Juhani Tontti

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Pick The Profitable Internet Keywords For Your Different Internet Home Business Mediums

By Juhani Tontti

The internet searches are a big-numbers` game: over 300 million is done every single day.

One of my favorite keywords has a WordTracker demand of 1.500 searches per day!

The challenge is, how we internet home business - owners can pick the right internet keywords, so that the search engines find our site, blog, article or sub-page or that they can climb among the first sites on the result pages.

One of the secrets is to handle all of these mediums differently, because their job in our promotion mix is different.

All have a unique role in our internet home business and that requires a different internet keywords - research and selection.

Let`s take a closer look at these requirements:

1.Internet Keywords For The Home Page.

This topic is the most handled.

When the target for your internet home business is to rank # 1 at Google on your keyword`s result page, you just have to know, what are Google`s algorithms and how to use this knowledge and beat the present # 1.

This is almost impossible to do manually, but luckily there is a handy tool Keyword Elite by which the competition analyzes happen quickly.

It is useful to analyze both on-page and off-page factors of the top 5 sites and finetune your own internet home business site according to this analyze.

You can use several internet keywords on the home page, because in the future you can optimize your articles, anchor texts etc. with the same keywords to make them related.

How high demand ones you use, depends on the results of the above analyze.

2.Internet Keywords For The Sub-Pages.

The sub-pages are in a different position, because most propably the home page will have most of the backlinks.

That means, that you can use lower demand keywords, which will still be as effective ones.

There is one good possibility: try keywords with typos, brackets, quotes etc. the so called un-typical keyphrases.

Your internet home business can get a strong traffic kick by them.

You can use Keyword Elite or for this purpose.

Despite of the fact that these keywords are "wrong-written" ones, they still have a good demand and normally lower supply, than the usual keywords.

The KEI – figure ( Keyword Efficiency Index ) shows quickly, where the demand – supply ratio is profitable.

Maybe the most respected keyword selection software, WordTracker has a long experience about it.

3.Widely Distributed SEO Articles.

The job of the SEO articles is mostly to build backlinks for the internet home business.

That means that they have to use the same internet keywords, especially in the Bio Box, as the landing page to be able to build the related links.

So the keyword picking is already done in the context of the home page building.

4.Internet Keywords For A Unique Article.

By "unique article" I mean an article written and submitted through, for instance.

It`s major job is to rank high in the search engines and to be found from the article directory.

EzineArticles is a very powerful to rank the article high in the search engines, so you can use quite high demand keyword, but remember to check KEI – fogure.

5.Internet Keywords For The Blog.

The keyword density can be as high as 8 % in the blog posts. Search engines love blocks because of their technical aspects.

It is not clear how high demand keywords it is wise to use, because sometimes the blogpost will climb very high in the ranking with a very competitive keyword.

To make it safe, I recommend to use the keyword with a modest amount of daily searches, maybe from 10 to 60.

6.Internet Keywords To Make More Money With AdSense.

If you monetize your site or blog by AdSense, the keywords have an influence on your income.

The formula is simple: the more Google AdWords - advertisers pay for their ads, with certain keywords, the more Google will pay you.

Now you can easily search that by using your Google AdWords account and by checking the prices per each keyword clicks.

And pick the most expencive ones and make them part of your keyword list.

Juhani Tontti

Sunday, January 06, 2008

9 Killer Home Business Opportunity Tips For The SEO Article Title.

By Juhani Tontti

Hi all!

My home page climbed to-day to the # 1 place at Google with the keyword "internet business", which has around 300 searches according to WordTracker.

I did this operation totally by tens of SEO articles, search engine optimized articles.

I just wanted to share the main "on-page" ideas, which I have used for my article writing. I have collected these tips during a long time and then tried to follow them, so here they are:

To get a high ranking has been only one of the benefits. Another one is that my SEO article always pre-sells the idea of my home business opportunity - to the reader with the persuasive copy.

Now when a visitor lands to my home business opportunity - page, he is already warm and anxious to get more information.

The SEO article is never an ad, it must offer useful information to the reader, but you have to think it as an ad, it uses the same rules. Let`s call it as an informational ad.

I`m a strong believer of the pre-selling power of the SEO article. At the same time it builds my home business opportunity brand.

The title is the most important element of the article. It should work as a positioning slogan, as a persuasive promise, what your home business opportunity can offer to the reader. It should also stand out from the crowd of other related article titles.

The article is always written to the reader but optimized for the search engines, which bring readers to the article.

1.What Do You Promise: Tell It Already In The Title.

The influence process of your SEO article should go along this process: attention, interest, desire and action.

The first job of your article is to get attention. Think, where it will be located after you have distributed that?

For instance in the list of all those home business opportunity articles in the article directories. People watch only titles, when they search useful articles for themselves.

Because the article cannot use anything else but the text, the beginning of the title must catch the attention of the reader. It must be different from the other titles and never be boring.

2. Keywords Are Important, Choose Them Carefully!

People find your articles by keywords, if you use them. Keywords link the searcher and the article: demand - supply.

The keyword must be descriptive, i.e. to describe your article topic as well as possible. The same keyword should also be placed on your landing page, this makes it related to it.

If you want that your new SEO article will rank high in the search engines, you should research the top 5 sites on that particular keyword result page at Google and look especially the number of related backlinks, because Google appreciates them.

The research should give you an answer, whether your article has chances to climb high using that keyword.

3.Write The Keyword Among The First 4 Words In The Title.

You can serve your readers and the search engines by writing the keyword into the title among the first words.

It tells to the reader right away the topic and the search engines will more easily find the keyword.

4. Don`t Put Period Into The End Of The Title.

But you can use an exclamation point or a question mark, but only once.

5. Write The Title With Upper / Lower Case.

Look at the title of this home business opportunity article and you will see what I mean. Alternatively you can write the minor words with the lower case, if you will, but do not use all caps, because they are hard to read.

6. The Title Should Not Have Quotes.

Why? Simply because the home business opportunity article editors will never accept that. One editor once said to me, that a headline is a headline, it just cannot be a quotation.

7. Your Name Should Not Be In The Title.

The right and only place for your name is in the "About The Author Box", which is also called "Bio Box". Most article editors will remove your name from the title or then they will delete the whole article.

8. No HTML In The Title.

I do not know of one home business opportunity directory, which accepts HTML in the title. It is simply forbidden. Period.

9. Numerical Value Has Power In The Beginning Of The Title.

One powerful tip is to use a numerical value, which adds interest and credibility for the title.

The numeric value looks somehow special, people are not so used to see it on the titles. It tells about the precise and examined information, it is some kind of "The Truth Effect".

Odd numbers, 3,5,7 and 9, work best, with the exception being number ten.

Make sure the title is attention catching, interesting, meaningful, exciting and has a promise. It should also contain the main keyword and follow the rules of the article directory editors.

If your title contains keyword, which is actively searched and the title is written in a persuasive way, your home business opportunity article will be read.

What a fantastic chance to pre-sell the landing page!

Juhani Tontti

Saturday, January 05, 2008

5 Tips How To Optimize Your Home Internet Business Ideas-Site For Both Google And Yahoo.

Hi all!!

Google and Yahoo think differently: with my favorite keyword, internet business, I get 219 million hits at Google, where I am # 3 and 991 million hits at Yahoo, where I am # 260!

The question is, can I rank well also at Yahoo? Of course I am very happy with the Google ranking, but if I could hit two flies with one hit, so...

The answer to this question can be found out, if we know the algorithms of these two biggest search engines, because the example in the beginning shows that there must be some big differences between Google and Yahoo.

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Juhani Tontti

Friday, January 04, 2008

SEO For The New Home Business Opportunity Site.

A new web site is like your new friend. You don`t know his history, his background, his friends, his skills, absolutely anything about him.

Would you start a new home business opportunity with this kind of a person? Most propably not!

So the person must tell something about himself, which makes you interested about him. Right?

And even more new things, which will increase your interest. Right?
And after several repetitions, you may start a co-operation with him.

The process is exactly the same with a new web site: it`s main job is to go through the courting process with both the visitors and the search engines, to get their acceptances.

You may already guess, what is the most important thing? Clearly, it is the content.

As I have mentioned many times, we should never write to the search engines but to the site visitors. But to do it search engine friendly. Then it will be a beautiful win-win-win.

The SEO for the new site has special challenges: it takes a long time to get a high search engine ranking.

The question is, can we speed up that process somehow?

Yes, we can!

Read the whole story....

Juhani Tontti

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Make RSS To Bring Useful Information For Your Home Business.

Hi all!

It`s all about information in the home business. Sometimes we can benefit a lot to be first to use it in the market.

But how a heck to get all that information among this information overload quickly and in the right form?

The answer is the automation, we just have to make a software to do that according to the instructions we have given to it. And of course in real time!

RSS feed is a great service for this need, because by that you can pick from where the feed comes and then decide whether to use it or not. The good thing is that the RSS feed system is very easy to install into the website or blog.

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Juhani Tontti

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

7 Killer Reasons To Participate In Internet Home Business Ideas Forums

Hi All!

The participation in the internet home business ideas forum is a must if the marketer wants to succeed. The forum is an enormous source of proven tips, good and bad ones, which have big influence on both the motivation and the business results of the marketer.

I call the home business forums, the good ones, as universities of home business or even better, the interactive universities.

It`s the interaction, and the experienced members, which gives the value to the participation.

The rule is clear: the more useful advices one gives, the more he will get. It is funny that the givers get much more than they have given.

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Juhani Tontti

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The Closing Numbers of 2007.

Hi All!

Now on the first day of 2008 it is a right time to see the results of 2007. All in all the year was a breakthrough year for my site

The major reason was that I put some more power ( quite a lot ) behind the "market visibility", i.e. wrote more articles, blog posts, web pages, emails and forum posts than ever.

To-day I have 123.000 indexed articles at Google, which is a nice start.

I also started to communicate much more with the new sign-ups by email and found out that it worked well. My help had the market.

It is nice to start a new year with these experiences. Just to give you a set of detailed figures ( I don`t want to speak about revenue), here is the list from SeoDigger consisting the keywords, where holds # 1 place at Google:

work in business
you can work your own miracle
extra free home income
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earn home idea learn opportunity while work
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work at home business income1
internet home work income business based business
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internet home work income business opportunity home
how to start my own internet home based business
work at home ideas
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home based business internet opportuni

I thank you all once more for your help and tips during 2007!

Juhani Tontti