Friday, August 31, 2007

Does Your Home Business Start Has A Defined Target Market?

By Juhani Tontti

The definition of the target market must be clear, so that you can meet it`s needs and to market successfully. To speak frankly, you will never know their needs in detail but you will learn what and how to market them. The results of your marketing tells their needs.

Actually it doesn`t matter, who the buyers are, it matters what are their needs from your product or service.

The best ways to get the information is to benchmark the successful sites and by testing.

The more detailed picture or specification you will get, the better results you will make. The narrower your home business start niche, the better. That allows you to concentrate into very detailed needs and offer a taylor-made service and products. That means more loyal and longterm customers.

The better you can specify the target group, the more in detail you can plan your marketing efforts.

Your home business start doesn`t need an army of buyers. Let`s make a calculation: your turnover target is $ 4.000 per month. If the average purchase is $ 30 per buyer, the conversion rate is 1 %, it means that your website needs 13.333 visitors per month or 444 per day to reach the target.

In almost all cases, the internet home businesses are very small businesses and compared to the huge potential of the Internet they are marginal businesses.

There are two challences: the number of home business entrepreneurs and the ability to build a very different niche offering, i.e. to build a brand.

The target group specification begins from the vision, targets and business strategy, which you have created for your home business start.

It is useful to deepen your target group specification to be able to find out the exact niche to target. For instance if your internet business` target group is the newbies, try to specify their features also.

Can they HTML, do they know marketing or sales terms, what copystyle the competition is using, does the target group like superlative-laden offerings, hype style, videos etc.? This you can do by making a competition research at Google and you will get a clear picture.

Here the keywords are in the main role. Type your keywords into Google and read through the top 5 pages per each result page. You`ll start to get the picture.
I recommend that you use WordTracker, which will tell you, how many times per month people search each keyword and how heavy or low competition it has.

You can start the research focusing the broad market and to look the niche markets inside it, which is not currently met. Watch what keywords people search frequently and where the competition is lowest or where the top pages on the search engine result pages have the weakest SEO features.

Juhani Tontti,B.Sc., Marketing. Find More Tools And Articles About The Target Market Definition For Your Home Business Start .

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Vision And Goal Are The Musts For Your Own Website In The Internet Home Business

By Juhani Tontti

A non-planned internet home business site is like a boat without a captain. All routes and efforts are equally good, all results accidents, whatever can happen, but seldomly anything good.

The non-planned website building makes you impossible to judge, how to improve your site, because you do not know what are the targets.

If you do not know, what is the goal of your own website, you will propably earn nothing.

The main question in your master plan is: to whom I try sell my stuff? Why would they buy from me?

And: what is the unique selling proposition, USP, of my website? You see, your own website is the key medium by which you want to achieve your business targets using the strategy you have prepared.

You can compare your own website - design ( or the whole content ) with the TV-ad. The TV-ad has about 15 seconds to make an impact, both emotional and rational.

That needs a lot of thinking and selection. Especially selection as to the goal setting, target group, promise, tone of voice etc.

It sounds funny but your own website must do the same. TV is very emotional medium, so is your internet home business- website, because all decisions are made by feelings but supported by the rational.

These are the three basic questions, which I give you for thinking:

1.What is the vision and goal for my own website?
2.Why do I need a website?
3.What I want, that my website does?

Did you see, what happened? These three small questions made you thinking and the whole idea of effective website started to look very clear. Your own website must be a part of your internet home business - master plan. That is the only task of the website.

Let`s take an example from the area of the internet home business. Most of us are selling the well-known products and affiliate programs. The situation is the same as in the brick and mortar business. All stores are selling more or less the same products.

How they make the difference? By location, shop interior, pricing, service, brand building, advertising etc. The row of possibilities is very wide. That is not the challence.

The challence is to collect the working mix of parameters. To build up a competitive edge.

So if you want to make money with the same products and affiliate programs in your
internet home business as thousands of others, how can you build a unique website?

The answer can be found out from the question of HOW you do it. I guess that your personality will be in the main role, but that alone is not enough.

You have to decide, what is the BIG thing: wide selection of products, personal service, customer assistance, your own special products or what?

The uniqueness is a must, if you want to be successful. The more personal touch you have, the more results you will get. In the very competitive internet home business area, the most successful marketers write their own special reports and ebooks, which they distribute for free in most cases.

Some of them keep lectures about the ebook topic, sell videos and DVD´s etc. The idea behind these efforts is the same: to stand out of from the crowd and to build up a unique brand.

So their answer is not to discover the products again, but to discover HOW they market the products. This HOW must be finetuned according to the customer needs.

As you see, the website planning is a selection process. The more specific you can be, the better. One website must have a sharp promise to the target audience. One small website can handle only one main topic, so leave pieces to other websites too.

Know exactly, what your website is doing in the internet.

Juhani Tontti, B.Sc. is a full-time internet marketer. I invite you to visit my internet home business site and find a lot of information from the area of website- and business planning.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Opt In Email Marketing Powers Your Internet Home Business

By Juhani Tontti

Despite of the huge anti spam information
the opt in email marketing is one of
the effective ways to promote the internet home business.

The power comes from the fact that
the people of your list are members,
who have given their names and email addresses voluntarily
to get the information from you.

They are your fans.

Read the whole article, click here:

Opt In Email Marketing Powers Your Internet Home Business

Hope you like it!

Juhani Tontti

Sunday, August 26, 2007

How To Start Home Business By Blogging

By Juhani Tontti

In your thinking how to start home business, blogging can be the way how to contact your potential customers quickly, free and by targeted content.

By blogging you can start building relationships with the future customers right in the start.

In the situation, when the internet is overloaded with information, blogging is a personal and unique way to get the answer on the question of how to start home business. And how educational it is for yourself!

1.Be Active, That`s A Competitive Edge.

How to start home business, after the strategy is done, is a question about the communication. The internet marketing is a communication competition. You can compare it with the communication between people and ask yourself, what kind of people you respect?

The one who is entertaining or the one, who has a serious attitude to the subject and who can tell his messages in a way, which interests you, who gives answers to the questions, is useful and helpful?

2.Blogging Is Always Seen Personal.

It´s like the answer to the question how you handle your blog-readers. When you are in the thinking-process of how to start home business, blogging is the most effective way to start building brand with the help of your own style and personality.

You see, nothing is more un-effective than a passive way to market. Internet surfers need up-dated information very often and they also wait to be able to communicate with you quickly. And when you have reached the interactive phase, you start to win more and more business.

3.Blogging Is Pre-Selling.

The key to good results in the internet marketing is a repeated contact with the prospects. In average you need 5-7 contacts with the prospect, before he starts to trust you and buy from you. And you don`t sell any products, you sell ideas about your offer. And one idea is not enough.

What is needed, that your internet business can reach this repetition level? I`m sure you agree, that the content is very important but also the active, repeated contacts. Your target audience waits for useful, encouraging blogging repeatedly.

4. Write With Big Amount Of Keywords.

In your plan how to start home business, the keywords are like seperate internet markets. By keywords you launch your business into several markets, because the internet surfers use keywords to be able to find out the information they are looking for.

Be a keyword king and be the most active keyword king. Post, post, post and post. Rather every day but at least once a week.

Also, adding an external blog that is rich with your business' keywords to your website through an rss feed will make it easier for your website to get more traffic which means more prospects.

5.Blogging Is Like Watering A Plant.

The tactics how to start home business is like gardening. What is needed after you have planted a vegetable? You have to give it water regularly, otherwise it will die.

Actually you have two important groups, your blog readers and the search engines. The search engines want to serve their clients effectively with new, useful, targeted content. This is why frequent blogging is their favorite.

The search engines compare the blogs in the same industry by the content and will favour those, who produce more content and more often, because these bloggers just help them in their competition with other search engines.

6.Utilize The Blog Feedback To Finetune Your Communication.

When you are in the phase of how to start home business, the feedback that blogging produces gives you a useful information how to finetune the communication.

The more feedback you get, the better you can make your blogging. And think about the quickness, the feedback comes almost in real time.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

How Your Internet Home Business Benefits From Google Universal Search, New SEO Techniques?

By Juhani Tontti

Google, the biggest search engine,
has changed it`s algorithms and the way it presents the search results.

This change has a remarkable influence
on the internet home business, so it is useful to check,
whether you also should adopt some of the new tactics
to be able to rank high on the result pages.

Read my new article, how you should adopt your site
to attract Google`s Universal Search, click the link:

internet home business

To Your Online Success!


Sunday, August 19, 2007

4 Killer Ideas For The Home Business Start.

By Juhani Tontti

Do you want to make a successful home busines start
but you have no earlier experience,
no internet home business ideas and
you just don`t know how and where to start.

As a starter it is easy to begin your own internet business,
because you can get your own web site set up free,
full training, all promotion material and 24/7 email support.

Read the whole article:

Home Business Start

To Your Online Success!


Do You Want To Make Your Home Business Start Sure And Easy?

By Juhani Tontti

Have you decided to run your own internet business and to make a great home business start?

Do you feel confused among the huge information overload? Is it difficult to build a clear picture, what should you do and which affiliate program to join?

I understand you, I felt just like that, when I made my own home business start.

But then I found an ebook, which was especially for the home business start, a real manual. This article is based on my own experiences.

1.The Ebook Must Be Planned For The Home Business Start.

This is extremely important! The starter is in a very sensitive state of mind. He is both enthusiastic and unsure.

What he needs is the step-by-step guidance, which responds his needs starting from the basic terms and internet marketing techniques, which are free ( or cheap ) and easy to run. Nothing complicated!

You see, to learn a successful home business start is like climbing the ladders, you just cannot start from the middle or from the top.

2.The Ebook Must Be Written By The Street Man`s Language.

A starter cannot know the special terms, so the ebook must tell the tips in an easy, street man`s style, using everyday words.

The encouraging, supporting style is very important.

3.The Ebook Must Teach By The Example Of One Real Affiliate Program.

A home business starter wants to learn to run a real affiliate program, not to learn theoretical patterns.

An effective Home Business Start Ebook goes through the key promotion ways and shows you how to run them, using a proven and free affiliate program as an example.

This makes the learning fun and interesting, it`s a real earning while learning!
After you have learn`t to run your first project, you can use these skills for all your internet marketing later on.

4.The Ebook Must Give You The Necessary Tools.

These tools have the same requirement than the ebook has. They must be meant for the home business starter, easy to use, free ( or cheap ), but still effective ones.

After your skills have improved, you can up-grade these tools into more sophisticated ones.

5.When You Have Learn`t The Ebook, You Can Make Money With It!

Now you know your ebook, you can do the basic promotions, so why not to make money with the ebook.

Yes, it is possible. You see, this ebook comes with your own affiliate ID`s in every hyperlink ( for free ). So every time your reader joins the recommended affiliate program, you make a nice commission.

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

How Can Mistakes Mean Success To The Home Internet Business

By Juhani Tontti

Am I nuts?
Most probably, but the headline is still true.

The mistakes are an extremely important part of
the success in [b]home internet business[/b].

You see, the worst thing in this business is not to do anything.

This is an action business,
where the action is everything.
It keeps the wheels rolling!

Read the whole story about mistakes:

How Can Mistakes Mean Success To The Home Internet Business

To Your Online Success!


The Successful Internet Marketing Article Needs A Right "About The Author Box".

By Juhani Tontti

There some moments of truths in the internet marketing.

One is, when your article reader arrives to the
"About The Author Box".

You cannot sell anything in the article bodycopy,
only ideas, so you have to make your
reader to act, i.e. to click your link in the Box.

The box text is quite simple to write,
a few words,
but the meaning of each word is the more important
to your article marketing, backlinks building
and the article`s ability to make money on the internet.

I`ll go through these small but important things in the article below:

The Right Article Marketing "About The Author Box".

Hope You Like It!


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Why Blogging And Article Marketing Is So Powerful Duo?

Copyright © Juhani Tontti

The blog is like a web site, it needs backlinks to be able to climb high on the search engine ranking and bring targeted traffic. How could you handle this so, that it will have both the short term and long term traffic building effects?

The idea of the blogging is to communicate with the big amount of the targeted people. So don`t think blogging as a some kind of a private diary, no, it`s a business tool.

The business tool aspect sets one requirement. That your blog must have contacts, or links as we call them online, with other related blogs or websites in the Internet. That`s a must.

The best possible contact or backlink is the kind, which pre-sells the idea of your blog. The pre-selling makes the blogvisitors hot and waiting for the visit.

The best way to handle this is to use the article marketing, which is at the same time a powerful tool to build up the brand image.

The great thing about blogging is that when you "ping" your blog after written a new post, tens of directories get the information about it and thanks to RSS feed thousands of other bloggers will be informed. Think about the quickness!

While blogging you must use keywords and the same keywords are very useful in the articles to make a backlink to your blogpost.

The keywords make it possible (together with the backlinks) that your blogpost will climb high in the search engine rankings with several keywords. Then the blog traffic will increase.

The idea of your article marketing is to write articles, which are related to your niche and then submit them with a huge distribution to thousands of article directories and websites to get the maximum amount of backlinks, a good search engine ranking and targeted blogvisitors.

Please remember to put your main keyword (the same as in the blogpost) into the Author Box, that`s the anchor text or related backlink to your post.

This method is fantastic, because it will bring an instant traffic to your blog and the long term traffic.

There is one system, which I have used to send 1000s targeted blogvisitors to my blog and make it possible to get the best Google ranking for my several keywords.

Please find more at this link: AtomicBlog.

Blogging and article marketing combination can be used both with WordPress and Blogger.

One thing is important in blogging.

The blogvisitors love the fresh and useful content. The usefulness is the greatest reason why they come cack and bookmark your blog. So I redommend a daily blogging or at least three times per week.

And, please use always a unique content! Otherwise the search engines will penalize you.

I never believed that I could get this much blogvisitors, but if you want to know how I did it, check this great tool, which is relatively cheap and has an excellent price/quality ratio.

Profitable blogging!


Monday, August 13, 2007

4 Killer Daily Blogging Tips For The Internet Marketing

Copyright © Juhani Tontti

Blogging as an internet marketing medium is a really powerful weapon, so why don`t you blog every single day.

Why every day?

I`ll give you an answer. The customer service has become one of the most important way to make a difference in the internet marketing. Blogging is the easiest way to serve your clients and to maintain your site up-dated, lively, every day.

It´s your daily voice online.

As a nature blogging is like writing your own, personal diary. That means that you put yourself into fire to make money on the internet. Your target group will respect you more, when you honestly tell about the successes and failures in your blogposts.

They will see that there is a human being behind the internet marketing site, with all good and bad features.

1. Why the daily blogging is so vital in the internet marketing?

The main reason is that your site visitors see that there is somebody "at home" all the time running the business and answering their questions.

Compare this situation to another one, where the latest post is two months old. What`s the signal? The webmaster doesn`t care or he has nothing to say?

The daily blogging is a great way to make your readers to comment you posts also. The interactive communication is important and it will tie the visitor more with your internet marketing program. And you can send new posts by email.

2. The special RSS software tells to other bloggers, subscribers, that a new post is available

The traffic will be there in seconds. Think about the rapidness. It makes good for the internet marketing business. Blogging can reach thousands or tens of thousands of subscribers in some hours, which is not possible for a normal internet marketing site.

Your blog can also have a software, which tells you every single time, when another site backlinks to your blog and the url of that internet marketing site. These backlinks raise the search engine ranking of your site and bring direct, targeted traffic.

3. To be successful the internet marketing blog or site must be customized, different.

By blogging you can run a very customized offer and change every now and then the template, because it is very easy to do and free. Also the signature is possible, just one click.

When other bloggers will notice that you share a useful content every day, which they can use in the internet marketing, they will bookmark your blog and copy and paste your posts into their own blogs.

Now your name will grow towards a respected brand and they will at the same time direct visitors to your blog.

4. The daily blogging is like working as an information wholesaler.

Everybody wants to link with the useful blog. That is the reason why the daily blogging is a really strong weapon in the internet marketing.

The internet is an information highway, where the useful bloggers are very respected, because they will dig from the overloaded information flow the useful things and write the ideas in their blogs. That´s a real sharing!

PS. Ewen Chia recommends !

Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Quick PPC Is The Internet Marketing Turbo – Get A Free Tool To Make Money On The Internet

Copyright © Juhani Tontti

The PPC campaign is the strategy in the internet marketer`s toolbox, by which it is possible to get good, immediate results.

And it is the ONLY strategy to reach the global audience of even 100 million people in less than 10 minutes.

But only, if you do it right.

I wrote a PPC article, because I wanted to share my own experiences about PPC, mostly with Google AdWords and the tricks I have learnt to plan the PPC campaign right, get more motivated site visitors and pay less.

How can that be possible? For instance by using typos and...

Read the whole story, click the link below:

The Quick PPC Is The Internet Marketing Turbo – Get A Free Tool To Make Money On The Internet

Just Do It!

For Your Online Success!


Thursday, August 02, 2007

Marketer, Start Your Own Internet Business Engine By Distributing The SEO Articles!

Copyright © Juhani Tontti

When you as an internet marketer will start your own internet business by writing and distributing the SEO articles , I can tell you from my own experience, that the strategy offers you all these benefits: it`s quick, targeted, pre-selling, short-term, long-term, educating, almost free`s working.

It is absolutely the best way to make money on the internet, that I know.

This article, this is of course a SEO article, presents you 5 step system for a traffic building campaign, which is needed especially when you start your own internet business.

1. The Article Content.
The Seo article will work only, if the reader feels that the content is useful for him. Despite of the SEO requirement, write always to the reader. The search engines do not buy anything.

First. The attention grabbing headline is the most important single element. It must contain a sexy promise about how to start your own internet business. Place your most important keyword among the first 4 words in the title.

Secondly. The SEO article teaser is an appetizer, it must throw more gasoline into the fire and make the reader excited and to really want more about the topic: how to start your own internet business.

Thirdly. The article boby goes a little bit deeper to the topic, it is still very informative without revealing everything, just teasing more.

The Bio Box has a unique job, it has to raise the reader`s enthusiasm once more
and call him to action, to click the link of the landing page.

2. Start Your Own Internet Business By The Search Engine Optimization.

Why it is an effective way to optimize the articles? The reason is simple: people search the information using keywords and when the article uses the same keywords, or phrases, the searcher and the article will meet and ...Bang!...the searcher lands on your landing page.

Actually, this is the system, which makes articles so quick and effective when you start your own internet business. They grab the right people to the site, actually people do the whole job by themselves, when you have done the optimization.

When you do the keyword research for your article, the keywords should illustrate the purpose or the content or the promise of the SEO article.

I`ll give you a download link of a good, FREE ebook, SEO Made Easy , which offers also effective tools for the analyzes of the competition.

The keyword density ( how many % of the article words one keyword represents ) can be 2 – 3 %.

3. The Roles Of The SEO Article And The Landing Page.

When you start your own internet business and plan the launch promotion, take it as a one campaign, where the SEO article pre-sells, the landing page calls to action, the blog and the optin list posts promote the teaser-ad with the link to the SEO article.

Now you see the roles of the different mediums and the clear role of the SEO article is to share a useful information and to call the reader to action, to click the link of the landing page.

The main role of the landing page is to call the reader into action, i.e. to sell the product or to grab his email address as a return present of getting a free ebook for instance.

This article is about the SEO articles, so I don`t touch the other mediums here.

4.The Seo Article Distribution, The Roles Of The Distributors.

We can devide the distributors into two groups:
a. services, which will distribute to the huge list.
Their role in the campaign is to get a maximum amount of backlinks for the ideal search engine ranking, plus to get a lot of targeted website visitors. Not a bad role when you start your own internet business.

b. article directories , which has the power to cast the SEO article high to the search engines`result pages, plus to bring a nice amount of targeted visitors, which is very important when you start your own internet business.

Note: each of these directories need an original article version to avoid the dublicate content penalties!

5. The Article Submission Timing.

The different versions should be sent at the different times simply because some of the readers will be the same. I understand that you are in a hurry when you start your own internet business, but think about the effectiveness first.

No-one wants to read two articles from the same author on the same day. The ideal submission interval is 2-3 days or even more.

This strategy is powerful, it`s quick and build residual, targeted traffic. Start your own internet business with the seo articles. Just do it and ..enjoy!

Juhani Tontti, B.Sc., Marketing. You can find more about
SEO articles when you start your own internet business to make money on the internet. Visit: