Sunday, August 26, 2007

How To Start Home Business By Blogging

By Juhani Tontti

In your thinking how to start home business, blogging can be the way how to contact your potential customers quickly, free and by targeted content.

By blogging you can start building relationships with the future customers right in the start.

In the situation, when the internet is overloaded with information, blogging is a personal and unique way to get the answer on the question of how to start home business. And how educational it is for yourself!

1.Be Active, That`s A Competitive Edge.

How to start home business, after the strategy is done, is a question about the communication. The internet marketing is a communication competition. You can compare it with the communication between people and ask yourself, what kind of people you respect?

The one who is entertaining or the one, who has a serious attitude to the subject and who can tell his messages in a way, which interests you, who gives answers to the questions, is useful and helpful?

2.Blogging Is Always Seen Personal.

It´s like the answer to the question how you handle your blog-readers. When you are in the thinking-process of how to start home business, blogging is the most effective way to start building brand with the help of your own style and personality.

You see, nothing is more un-effective than a passive way to market. Internet surfers need up-dated information very often and they also wait to be able to communicate with you quickly. And when you have reached the interactive phase, you start to win more and more business.

3.Blogging Is Pre-Selling.

The key to good results in the internet marketing is a repeated contact with the prospects. In average you need 5-7 contacts with the prospect, before he starts to trust you and buy from you. And you don`t sell any products, you sell ideas about your offer. And one idea is not enough.

What is needed, that your internet business can reach this repetition level? I`m sure you agree, that the content is very important but also the active, repeated contacts. Your target audience waits for useful, encouraging blogging repeatedly.

4. Write With Big Amount Of Keywords.

In your plan how to start home business, the keywords are like seperate internet markets. By keywords you launch your business into several markets, because the internet surfers use keywords to be able to find out the information they are looking for.

Be a keyword king and be the most active keyword king. Post, post, post and post. Rather every day but at least once a week.

Also, adding an external blog that is rich with your business' keywords to your website through an rss feed will make it easier for your website to get more traffic which means more prospects.

5.Blogging Is Like Watering A Plant.

The tactics how to start home business is like gardening. What is needed after you have planted a vegetable? You have to give it water regularly, otherwise it will die.

Actually you have two important groups, your blog readers and the search engines. The search engines want to serve their clients effectively with new, useful, targeted content. This is why frequent blogging is their favorite.

The search engines compare the blogs in the same industry by the content and will favour those, who produce more content and more often, because these bloggers just help them in their competition with other search engines.

6.Utilize The Blog Feedback To Finetune Your Communication.

When you are in the phase of how to start home business, the feedback that blogging produces gives you a useful information how to finetune the communication.

The more feedback you get, the better you can make your blogging. And think about the quickness, the feedback comes almost in real time.

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