Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Best Home Based Business Ideas Site Can Utilize The Long Tail Keywords

By Juhani Tontti

Your best home based business ideas site can utilize the so called long tail keywords, i.e. the keywords which include several high and low demand keywords. Very often the low demand keywords bring a regular and long term traffic to your site.

Many sites get their targeted traffic through searches, which use several low volume keywords and maybe for this special reason, will convert well. If you look at the keyphrase choice of this article, it is: best home based business ideas, which has many high and low volume keyphrases inside it.

The ideal situation would be that all components, or keywords, of the long tail keyword, would be low traffic keywords. And the amount of keywords would be as big as possible. And that a marketer has a long list of the long tail keywords in use. What a traffic!
The benefit from this choice is that each keyphrase is searched thousands or hundreds times per day and when you calculate them all together, you will see the benefit.

Think about this! I can get this article into many different markets using only one keyphrase, what a saving in time. So best home based business ideas as a long tail keyword is more effective than one word or two word keyword.

1.The Conversion Rate Of The Long Tail Is Better.
The idea behind this claim is simple and very reasonable. When a searcher types the 5 word keyphrase into the search bar, he knows quite well what he is looking. This is the reason for better targeted traffic and for better conversion rate.

The nice result comes from the fact that before a searcher starts the typing, he has thought thoroughly what he wants and if he will see the same long tail keyword on the site, of course he is interested.

2.Long Tail Keywords Rank Better.
This result comes from the fact that most of the keywords inside the long tail keyword are low demand keywords and thus the competition, i.e. the number of related backlinks, is smaller. The best home based business ideas marketers are not so interested about them, most of them hunt on the bigger markets.

3. The Long Tail Keywords Make More Money.
The reason for this is the fact, that when a searcher searches with the long tail keyword, he knows what he is looking for and when your site responds to that he is more willing to buy right away.

4. The Natural Search Visitors Convert Best.
The best home based business ideas marketers are all looking for motivated site visitors and when a visitor comes through a natural search, he is willing and prepared to take action, because he has done the preselling already in his own mind. Wow!

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