Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Why Blogging And Article Marketing Is So Powerful Duo?

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The blog is like a web site, it needs backlinks to be able to climb high on the search engine ranking and bring targeted traffic. How could you handle this so, that it will have both the short term and long term traffic building effects?

The idea of the blogging is to communicate with the big amount of the targeted people. So don`t think blogging as a some kind of a private diary, no, it`s a business tool.

The business tool aspect sets one requirement. That your blog must have contacts, or links as we call them online, with other related blogs or websites in the Internet. That`s a must.

The best possible contact or backlink is the kind, which pre-sells the idea of your blog. The pre-selling makes the blogvisitors hot and waiting for the visit.

The best way to handle this is to use the article marketing, which is at the same time a powerful tool to build up the brand image.

The great thing about blogging is that when you "ping" your blog after written a new post, tens of directories get the information about it and thanks to RSS feed thousands of other bloggers will be informed. Think about the quickness!

While blogging you must use keywords and the same keywords are very useful in the articles to make a backlink to your blogpost.

The keywords make it possible (together with the backlinks) that your blogpost will climb high in the search engine rankings with several keywords. Then the blog traffic will increase.

The idea of your article marketing is to write articles, which are related to your niche and then submit them with a huge distribution to thousands of article directories and websites to get the maximum amount of backlinks, a good search engine ranking and targeted blogvisitors.

Please remember to put your main keyword (the same as in the blogpost) into the Author Box, that`s the anchor text or related backlink to your post.

This method is fantastic, because it will bring an instant traffic to your blog and the long term traffic.

There is one system, which I have used to send 1000s targeted blogvisitors to my blog and make it possible to get the best Google ranking for my several keywords.

Please find more at this link: AtomicBlog.

Blogging and article marketing combination can be used both with WordPress and Blogger.

One thing is important in blogging.

The blogvisitors love the fresh and useful content. The usefulness is the greatest reason why they come cack and bookmark your blog. So I redommend a daily blogging or at least three times per week.

And, please use always a unique content! Otherwise the search engines will penalize you.

I never believed that I could get this much blogvisitors, but if you want to know how I did it, check this great tool, which is relatively cheap and has an excellent price/quality ratio.

Profitable blogging!


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