Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Vision And Goal Are The Musts For Your Own Website In The Internet Home Business

By Juhani Tontti

A non-planned internet home business site is like a boat without a captain. All routes and efforts are equally good, all results accidents, whatever can happen, but seldomly anything good.

The non-planned website building makes you impossible to judge, how to improve your site, because you do not know what are the targets.

If you do not know, what is the goal of your own website, you will propably earn nothing.

The main question in your master plan is: to whom I try sell my stuff? Why would they buy from me?

And: what is the unique selling proposition, USP, of my website? You see, your own website is the key medium by which you want to achieve your business targets using the strategy you have prepared.

You can compare your own website - design ( or the whole content ) with the TV-ad. The TV-ad has about 15 seconds to make an impact, both emotional and rational.

That needs a lot of thinking and selection. Especially selection as to the goal setting, target group, promise, tone of voice etc.

It sounds funny but your own website must do the same. TV is very emotional medium, so is your internet home business- website, because all decisions are made by feelings but supported by the rational.

These are the three basic questions, which I give you for thinking:

1.What is the vision and goal for my own website?
2.Why do I need a website?
3.What I want, that my website does?

Did you see, what happened? These three small questions made you thinking and the whole idea of effective website started to look very clear. Your own website must be a part of your internet home business - master plan. That is the only task of the website.

Let`s take an example from the area of the internet home business. Most of us are selling the well-known products and affiliate programs. The situation is the same as in the brick and mortar business. All stores are selling more or less the same products.

How they make the difference? By location, shop interior, pricing, service, brand building, advertising etc. The row of possibilities is very wide. That is not the challence.

The challence is to collect the working mix of parameters. To build up a competitive edge.

So if you want to make money with the same products and affiliate programs in your
internet home business as thousands of others, how can you build a unique website?

The answer can be found out from the question of HOW you do it. I guess that your personality will be in the main role, but that alone is not enough.

You have to decide, what is the BIG thing: wide selection of products, personal service, customer assistance, your own special products or what?

The uniqueness is a must, if you want to be successful. The more personal touch you have, the more results you will get. In the very competitive internet home business area, the most successful marketers write their own special reports and ebooks, which they distribute for free in most cases.

Some of them keep lectures about the ebook topic, sell videos and DVD´s etc. The idea behind these efforts is the same: to stand out of from the crowd and to build up a unique brand.

So their answer is not to discover the products again, but to discover HOW they market the products. This HOW must be finetuned according to the customer needs.

As you see, the website planning is a selection process. The more specific you can be, the better. One website must have a sharp promise to the target audience. One small website can handle only one main topic, so leave pieces to other websites too.

Know exactly, what your website is doing in the internet.

Juhani Tontti, B.Sc. is a full-time internet marketer. I invite you to visit my internet home business site and find a lot of information from the area of website- and business planning.

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