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Marketer, Start Your Own Internet Business Engine By Distributing The SEO Articles!

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When you as an internet marketer will start your own internet business by writing and distributing the SEO articles , I can tell you from my own experience, that the strategy offers you all these benefits: it`s quick, targeted, pre-selling, short-term, long-term, educating, almost free`s working.

It is absolutely the best way to make money on the internet, that I know.

This article, this is of course a SEO article, presents you 5 step system for a traffic building campaign, which is needed especially when you start your own internet business.

1. The Article Content.
The Seo article will work only, if the reader feels that the content is useful for him. Despite of the SEO requirement, write always to the reader. The search engines do not buy anything.

First. The attention grabbing headline is the most important single element. It must contain a sexy promise about how to start your own internet business. Place your most important keyword among the first 4 words in the title.

Secondly. The SEO article teaser is an appetizer, it must throw more gasoline into the fire and make the reader excited and to really want more about the topic: how to start your own internet business.

Thirdly. The article boby goes a little bit deeper to the topic, it is still very informative without revealing everything, just teasing more.

The Bio Box has a unique job, it has to raise the reader`s enthusiasm once more
and call him to action, to click the link of the landing page.

2. Start Your Own Internet Business By The Search Engine Optimization.

Why it is an effective way to optimize the articles? The reason is simple: people search the information using keywords and when the article uses the same keywords, or phrases, the searcher and the article will meet and ...Bang!...the searcher lands on your landing page.

Actually, this is the system, which makes articles so quick and effective when you start your own internet business. They grab the right people to the site, actually people do the whole job by themselves, when you have done the optimization.

When you do the keyword research for your article, the keywords should illustrate the purpose or the content or the promise of the SEO article.

I`ll give you a download link of a good, FREE ebook, SEO Made Easy , which offers also effective tools for the analyzes of the competition.

The keyword density ( how many % of the article words one keyword represents ) can be 2 – 3 %.

3. The Roles Of The SEO Article And The Landing Page.

When you start your own internet business and plan the launch promotion, take it as a one campaign, where the SEO article pre-sells, the landing page calls to action, the blog and the optin list posts promote the teaser-ad with the link to the SEO article.

Now you see the roles of the different mediums and the clear role of the SEO article is to share a useful information and to call the reader to action, to click the link of the landing page.

The main role of the landing page is to call the reader into action, i.e. to sell the product or to grab his email address as a return present of getting a free ebook for instance.

This article is about the SEO articles, so I don`t touch the other mediums here.

4.The Seo Article Distribution, The Roles Of The Distributors.

We can devide the distributors into two groups:
a. services, which will distribute to the huge list.
Their role in the campaign is to get a maximum amount of backlinks for the ideal search engine ranking, plus to get a lot of targeted website visitors. Not a bad role when you start your own internet business.

b. article directories , which has the power to cast the SEO article high to the search engines`result pages, plus to bring a nice amount of targeted visitors, which is very important when you start your own internet business.

Note: each of these directories need an original article version to avoid the dublicate content penalties!

5. The Article Submission Timing.

The different versions should be sent at the different times simply because some of the readers will be the same. I understand that you are in a hurry when you start your own internet business, but think about the effectiveness first.

No-one wants to read two articles from the same author on the same day. The ideal submission interval is 2-3 days or even more.

This strategy is powerful, it`s quick and build residual, targeted traffic. Start your own internet business with the seo articles. Just do it and ..enjoy!

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