Wednesday, January 16, 2008

How To Optimize Web Master Affiliate Program For Search Engines And AdSense?

Hi all...

I like SEO very much for two reasons:

1. It needs skills and persistance and
2. It brings a nice residual and targeted traffic day and night.

I run AdSense ads on my several pages and blog and started to think whether there are ways to optimize those sites for both the search engines and for AdSense to make a maximum income.

After read lots of information of the topic, I think I got a good summary how to use top paying keywords for the optimization. ( I think I can already pick the keywords for the search engines ).

As a matter of facts the process is not difficult at all, I just needed a lot more keywords from WordTracker, because some of those were not high priced at AdWords.

But now the system is up and working, so I will follow the situation thoroughly.
First signs are very encouraging...

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Juhani Tontti

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