Thursday, January 17, 2008

Can We Increase Link Popularity Without Search Engine Penalties?

Hi all...

Google has taken a tough attitude towards link building.

This sounds a little bit strange, because we have learnt that Google favors web sites, which have lots of backlinks from other high PR authority web sites!

These links have been seen like votes from other sites to our site, the more votes the site has, the more popular it is and the more popular it is, the more useful it has been for the Google customers, the searchers.

But now, the problem from Google point of view are the links, which are artificially built.

These new rules raises a question, how to plan a linking strategy, is swapping for good and is it wise to buy links?

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Juhani Tontti


Bob Walton said...

Great article; well covered and thorough. From what I know of SEO and googles rules what you expressed appeared right on.

Nilmin said...

yes the article really covered the major point about google... in addition to it one can also use copywriting tools to avoid the contents duplication and headlines
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Juhani`s Home Business Blog said...


Thanks, I am a great fan of SEO marketing and so happy with the results.

I see SEO absolutely as a most powerful and cost-effective way to promote online both in the short and long term.