Thursday, January 17, 2008

How Does Article Marketing Do In The Internet Business Jungle?

By Juhani Tontti

The article marketing is no doupt the most effective way to advertise our internet home business opportunity.

The reason is simple: when we publish articles they bring both short and long term internet business power and can reach different separate audiences from many niches.

Using article marketing for home internet business promotions together with mass article submission, gives the benefits which are more powerful than any other strategy.

1.What`s The Job Of Submitting Articles?

a. The search engine traffic.

This is maybe, what most of us are after. By writing articles about our internet business opportunity and submitting them to article directories, we can increase the search engine ranking, which ( if successful ) brings the targeted internet marketing traffic residually.

b. The article directory traffic.

Here the formula is simple: the more article directories you use, the more traffic your internet business will get.

What is good news is that article directories are among the most visited websites, because people search for useful information to learn and to copy the submitted articles into their own websites.

c.Backlink Building.

Backlinks are the reason, why search engines will increase our internet business opportunity site higher on the their result pages.

By the article marketing, using mass article submission, we can quickly and easily build a great number of related backlinks.

And the page rank among the first 3 sites on the result page brings good, residual traffic.

The search engines evaluate these 1-way links higher than the 2-way, reciprocal links, because they are based on the barter deal: we agree to place links on both parties` sites.

d.To Bring Traffic From The Linking Sites.

The link on the home internet business site is a kind of a recommendation to visit that site.

If the linking site is related, this traffic is very wellcome.

e. Brand Building.

Article marketing is agreat tool to build the fame or brand. The more you will write and the more people copy these articles, the more your authority grows.

In the long term a strong brand will make the marketing more effective, like with Coca-Cola!

f. It`s A Great Pre-Seller.

Imagine if a totally unknown man comes to you on the street and ask, whether you would like to buy his car ("it`s a splended car"), would you?

I`m sure not, because this man has not done the pre-selling, meaning he has not persuaded you to his side.

The pre-selling is 100 % perfect for article content. We can say that the only target of a good article is to persuade the reader to click the link in the Bio Box.

2.The Dublicate Content Question.

When we submit articles by mass submission, the question of dublicate content is always on the table and whether we get some kind of a penalty from the search engines?

I have never worried about this and I have submitted hundreds of internet business articles to thousands of article directories and websites.

But I will never use the same article twice, i.e. I never publish same articles on my site and by mass article submission.

I also publish articles in the quality article directories, like, because if the keywords ( at least the main one ) is small enough, or realistic, EzineArticles can throw my article to a very high position on the search engines.

For this article submission I use always an original article.

3.Which Ones Are More Effective: Long Tail Keywords Or High Deman Keywords?

I see this issue as a question about the competition: is it easier to climb high on the search engine result page of an extremely high demand keyword or on the several lower demand - keywords` pages.

Or: do I benefit more to be among the top 3 sites on the low-demand keyword result page and get tens of site visitors per day, than to be number 120 on the result page of the high demand keyword, which will bring my site next to nothing.

The the secret is to use realistic keywords, even small ones, but to use the "long tail keyword" - strategy. This way we optimize our article with several keywords at the same time.

That`s all this time, successful optimization!

Juhani Tontti

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Lily Boynton said...

Hi Juhani,

I enjoy your blog, very clean and friendy :)

I use article marketing quiet a bit, from my blog posts and sending to article directories. It does make a different when you do that regularly.

Great post!

Lily Boynton