Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Pick The Profitable Internet Keywords For Your Different Internet Home Business Mediums

By Juhani Tontti

The internet searches are a big-numbers` game: over 300 million is done every single day.

One of my favorite keywords has a WordTracker demand of 1.500 searches per day!

The challenge is, how we internet home business - owners can pick the right internet keywords, so that the search engines find our site, blog, article or sub-page or that they can climb among the first sites on the result pages.

One of the secrets is to handle all of these mediums differently, because their job in our promotion mix is different.

All have a unique role in our internet home business and that requires a different internet keywords - research and selection.

Let`s take a closer look at these requirements:

1.Internet Keywords For The Home Page.

This topic is the most handled.

When the target for your internet home business is to rank # 1 at Google on your keyword`s result page, you just have to know, what are Google`s algorithms and how to use this knowledge and beat the present # 1.

This is almost impossible to do manually, but luckily there is a handy tool Keyword Elite by which the competition analyzes happen quickly.

It is useful to analyze both on-page and off-page factors of the top 5 sites and finetune your own internet home business site according to this analyze.

You can use several internet keywords on the home page, because in the future you can optimize your articles, anchor texts etc. with the same keywords to make them related.

How high demand ones you use, depends on the results of the above analyze.

2.Internet Keywords For The Sub-Pages.

The sub-pages are in a different position, because most propably the home page will have most of the backlinks.

That means, that you can use lower demand keywords, which will still be as effective ones.

There is one good possibility: try keywords with typos, brackets, quotes etc. the so called un-typical keyphrases.

Your internet home business can get a strong traffic kick by them.

You can use Keyword Elite or AdTool.com for this purpose.

Despite of the fact that these keywords are "wrong-written" ones, they still have a good demand and normally lower supply, than the usual keywords.

The KEI – figure ( Keyword Efficiency Index ) shows quickly, where the demand – supply ratio is profitable.

Maybe the most respected keyword selection software, WordTracker has a long experience about it.

3.Widely Distributed SEO Articles.

The job of the SEO articles is mostly to build backlinks for the internet home business.

That means that they have to use the same internet keywords, especially in the Bio Box, as the landing page to be able to build the related links.

So the keyword picking is already done in the context of the home page building.

4.Internet Keywords For A Unique Article.

By "unique article" I mean an article written and submitted through EzineArticles.com, for instance.

It`s major job is to rank high in the search engines and to be found from the article directory.

EzineArticles is a very powerful to rank the article high in the search engines, so you can use quite high demand keyword, but remember to check KEI – fogure.

5.Internet Keywords For The Blog.

The keyword density can be as high as 8 % in the blog posts. Search engines love blocks because of their technical aspects.

It is not clear how high demand keywords it is wise to use, because sometimes the blogpost will climb very high in the ranking with a very competitive keyword.

To make it safe, I recommend to use the keyword with a modest amount of daily searches, maybe from 10 to 60.

6.Internet Keywords To Make More Money With AdSense.

If you monetize your site or blog by AdSense, the keywords have an influence on your income.

The formula is simple: the more Google AdWords - advertisers pay for their ads, with certain keywords, the more Google will pay you.

Now you can easily search that by using your Google AdWords account and by checking the prices per each keyword clicks.

And pick the most expencive ones and make them part of your keyword list.

Juhani Tontti

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