Sunday, January 06, 2008

9 Killer Home Business Opportunity Tips For The SEO Article Title.

By Juhani Tontti

Hi all!

My home page climbed to-day to the # 1 place at Google with the keyword "internet business", which has around 300 searches according to WordTracker.

I did this operation totally by tens of SEO articles, search engine optimized articles.

I just wanted to share the main "on-page" ideas, which I have used for my article writing. I have collected these tips during a long time and then tried to follow them, so here they are:

To get a high ranking has been only one of the benefits. Another one is that my SEO article always pre-sells the idea of my home business opportunity - to the reader with the persuasive copy.

Now when a visitor lands to my home business opportunity - page, he is already warm and anxious to get more information.

The SEO article is never an ad, it must offer useful information to the reader, but you have to think it as an ad, it uses the same rules. Let`s call it as an informational ad.

I`m a strong believer of the pre-selling power of the SEO article. At the same time it builds my home business opportunity brand.

The title is the most important element of the article. It should work as a positioning slogan, as a persuasive promise, what your home business opportunity can offer to the reader. It should also stand out from the crowd of other related article titles.

The article is always written to the reader but optimized for the search engines, which bring readers to the article.

1.What Do You Promise: Tell It Already In The Title.

The influence process of your SEO article should go along this process: attention, interest, desire and action.

The first job of your article is to get attention. Think, where it will be located after you have distributed that?

For instance in the list of all those home business opportunity articles in the article directories. People watch only titles, when they search useful articles for themselves.

Because the article cannot use anything else but the text, the beginning of the title must catch the attention of the reader. It must be different from the other titles and never be boring.

2. Keywords Are Important, Choose Them Carefully!

People find your articles by keywords, if you use them. Keywords link the searcher and the article: demand - supply.

The keyword must be descriptive, i.e. to describe your article topic as well as possible. The same keyword should also be placed on your landing page, this makes it related to it.

If you want that your new SEO article will rank high in the search engines, you should research the top 5 sites on that particular keyword result page at Google and look especially the number of related backlinks, because Google appreciates them.

The research should give you an answer, whether your article has chances to climb high using that keyword.

3.Write The Keyword Among The First 4 Words In The Title.

You can serve your readers and the search engines by writing the keyword into the title among the first words.

It tells to the reader right away the topic and the search engines will more easily find the keyword.

4. Don`t Put Period Into The End Of The Title.

But you can use an exclamation point or a question mark, but only once.

5. Write The Title With Upper / Lower Case.

Look at the title of this home business opportunity article and you will see what I mean. Alternatively you can write the minor words with the lower case, if you will, but do not use all caps, because they are hard to read.

6. The Title Should Not Have Quotes.

Why? Simply because the home business opportunity article editors will never accept that. One editor once said to me, that a headline is a headline, it just cannot be a quotation.

7. Your Name Should Not Be In The Title.

The right and only place for your name is in the "About The Author Box", which is also called "Bio Box". Most article editors will remove your name from the title or then they will delete the whole article.

8. No HTML In The Title.

I do not know of one home business opportunity directory, which accepts HTML in the title. It is simply forbidden. Period.

9. Numerical Value Has Power In The Beginning Of The Title.

One powerful tip is to use a numerical value, which adds interest and credibility for the title.

The numeric value looks somehow special, people are not so used to see it on the titles. It tells about the precise and examined information, it is some kind of "The Truth Effect".

Odd numbers, 3,5,7 and 9, work best, with the exception being number ten.

Make sure the title is attention catching, interesting, meaningful, exciting and has a promise. It should also contain the main keyword and follow the rules of the article directory editors.

If your title contains keyword, which is actively searched and the title is written in a persuasive way, your home business opportunity article will be read.

What a fantastic chance to pre-sell the landing page!

Juhani Tontti

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