Friday, January 04, 2008

SEO For The New Home Business Opportunity Site.

A new web site is like your new friend. You don`t know his history, his background, his friends, his skills, absolutely anything about him.

Would you start a new home business opportunity with this kind of a person? Most propably not!

So the person must tell something about himself, which makes you interested about him. Right?

And even more new things, which will increase your interest. Right?
And after several repetitions, you may start a co-operation with him.

The process is exactly the same with a new web site: it`s main job is to go through the courting process with both the visitors and the search engines, to get their acceptances.

You may already guess, what is the most important thing? Clearly, it is the content.

As I have mentioned many times, we should never write to the search engines but to the site visitors. But to do it search engine friendly. Then it will be a beautiful win-win-win.

The SEO for the new site has special challenges: it takes a long time to get a high search engine ranking.

The question is, can we speed up that process somehow?

Yes, we can!

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Juhani Tontti

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