Tuesday, December 18, 2007

How Home Business Marketing Will Change In 2008?

By Juhani Tontti

The general trend in the home business marketing goes like this: from hard selling, mass advertising to persuasive, interactive and customer maid contents, which allows the customers interact with each other.

Well, if you think it, it is very natural because the Net and PC worlds are naturally intercative and not passive ones, like TV - advertising for instance. So the trend in all home business marketing goes clearly towards laser-focused, persuasion marketing, which customers do by themselves, the marketers just offer the platforms.

The old internet home business marketing methods do not work anymore because the aggressive push advertising is working with the power of its sheer volume and users prefer mediums like social sites, where they are in a very interactive role.

In the internet home business marketing the hot issue is to get the user to create your blog content. This means syndicating your articles for other users for repost, paying users to review or rate your services, guiding users directly to home business forums or having the readers to exclusively receive the unique information. In all these cases the work itself is left to others. Wow, sounds so easy!

Here are the main web 2.0 internet home business marketing methods, which will be hot in 2008:


Blogs, like mine, are personal and interactive as their natures, like diaries. People want to read them if they are up-dated and will offer useful information and contacts with other same-thinkers.

Which is nice is that blogging is free, easy and quick. So the comments can fly freely. Especially the comment section is useful because the readers`comments are honest and will widen the know-how greatly.

And then the viral marketing: you can be referenced through various social media websites, search engines and related blogs, increasing both the credibility and searchability.

2.Internet Home Business Forums.

Forums are, where the real interactive, and especially active, people are. They are splended places to collect and share information and user experiences, but we have to remember that we do not advertise there.

The internet home business forums are full of motivated and interested marketers, who are constantly looking for new products, reports and marketing tips. You can dive directly into the deep waters of the hot target group, and get the hot topics from the market.

3.Internet Home Business Articles.

Articles are very interactive, because the article directories have normally the comment possibility and that is a great source of useful feedback.

The articles are a great way to get the connection with the target market and to build your own credibility as a trusted brand. You can submit your articles through a submission service or post them on your internet home business blog, or even on both of them. The articles ability to build a brand is great, because you have written them and many people want to copy them to their own blogs.

4.The Hot Issue Is Taylor Made.

The internet home business marketing is NOT tricks or insincerity but communication, which is two way, the ideas in honest content. The interactive content, where lots of users are involved is more honest, because it consists lots of negative aspects too. When the content is useful and honest people are willing to spread it to their friends too. You see, the need to communicate with your home business market does not work with the traditional marketing methods.

Concerning the recommended list above, if you are going to use them as a direct marketing mediums, they do not work, because the need of the market is interactive. They want to join, not to be objects of the hard selling advertising. A good way to measure the influence of the efficiency of your internet home business communication is to measure the comments and the feedback you get.

With Interactive Communication Regards


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