Thursday, December 20, 2007

Free To Executive Affiliate At SFI-Copy!

Hi all!

Here it is. Many of you have mailed me and asked, if I have a ready-written email, which could be sent to every new affiliate immediately when they have signed-in. So here is the text, which I have used ( feel free to copy it, but remember to change your own information ):

Subject: FREE Up-Grading To SFI Executive Affiliate.



This is Juhani Tontti, your sponsor from SFI.

I'm just checking in with you to see if there is
anything I can help you with...

What do you think of SFI so far?

Have you taken SFI's free Smart Start training
program yet? If not, get started here:

I'm sure you'll recognize that SFI is the real
deal. Did you see how many checks SFI sends out
every month to people like you and me using SFI
as a home business? Take a look at their unique
"Seeing Is Believing" photo tour at:

It's actually the 7th picture in the series so if
you want to get there faster, use this link:

I take this business seriously and I'm committed
to doing everything I can to help you succeed! :-)

To Your Online Success,

Juhani Tontti

P.S. 1. If you are looking to earn income as quickly as
possible, you'll want to check out SFI's exciting
Executive Affiliate program at:

PS. 2. If you have one of the payment options,
which SFI accepts, I want to pay $ 25 of your EA up-grading
fee of $ 29. Let me know.



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