Thursday, July 26, 2007

5 Reasons To Join NEW Affiliate Program Right Away!

Many people, who have thought to join affiliate program, have postponed the decision until they will find a real novelty, a BRAND NEW one, which is free to join and pays well.

If you are one of these people, I have good news for you! Now you have an opportunity to join affiliate program called Leisure Audio Books , which has been launced only a few weeks ago.

Leisure Audio Books is also a top priority program at Plug-In Profit Site, which is a good sign. It will be a success.

Now it`s the greatest time to join this affiliate program, because new programs always get a high interest at the beginning.

The sooner you join, the better chances you have to build a massive downline, because this affiliate program is a new one.

Okay, you may have some questions about how to join affiliate program called Leisure Audio Books.

1. Can I Join Without My Own Website?

Sure! You can promote your affiliate program by blogging, by emails, by traffic exchanges etc. And of course by your own web site.

2. The Products Sold Are Audio Books.

When you join this affiliate program, your affiliates will sell audio books from a wide range of topics: business,biography, crimes, fiction, health, sports, TV& radio shows etc. There are over 6.000 products available.

Take a tour at Leisure Audio Books Store.

3.How Much Are The Commissions?

When you have joined this affiliate program, you have 3 categories to choose from: Silver members get 15 % from all retail sales, Gold members 20 % and Platinum members 25 %.

You can also earn a recurring commissions on memberships: 15 % for Silver, 25 % for Gold and 50 % for Platinum.

4. What About The Promotional Material?

Okay, this is the key question. When you have decided to join LAB affiliate program, you will be surprised about the amount of banners, classified ads, blog posts, emails, splash pages etc. Leisure Audio Books has in their backoffice for you.

5. How Can I Join?

It is easy. You can sign up for free HERE.

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